In 2013 ten of the leading home delivery companies specializing in the “white glove” delivery of appliances, furniture and large electronics to homes came together to address common interests.  These ten firms founded the National Home Delivery Association with a shared commitment to enhancing the industry through training, setting standards for customer service and enhancing the profile of this vital segment of America’s retail economy.

Mission Statement

The National Home Delivery Association (NHDA) is committed to serving the needs and interests of individuals, companies, and organizations that deliver furniture, appliances, and electronics to the home by promoting the highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

Programs of the NHDA


Manage and host an annual “Home Delivery Forum” for interested parties to discuss issues of common concern in the home delivery industry.


Provide a peer-to-peer leadership venue for addressing the strategic challenges facing the industry.


Promote ongoing education at all levels of the home delivery industry.

building the workforce

Develop and promote methods to attract talent to all levels of the industry, from management to independent contractors.


Serve as the voice of the home delivery industry to address the regulation, legislation, and litigation impacting the industry.

Execution & Analysis

Develop industry standards for companies and independent contractors engaged in any and all aspects of home delivery.

The Last Mile Logistics Industry

This is the golden age of last mile logistics. Increasingly, the internet is the shopping venue of choice for people all over the world. Smaller product, purchased over the internet, and shipped as parcels, are handled inexpensively and expeditiously. This is not the case with big-ticket items – furniture, appliances, electronics, etc.

The NHDA is an association of third-party logistics companies that specialize in last mile delivery, and have been delivering to your homes from brick and mortar retailers for years. We are now doing the same for purchases made over the internet.

We service the public, our clients and their customers with excellence and integrity.

Why join the NHDA?

  • Education, Training, and Research
  • Legislative Monitoring and Alerts
  • Networking and Alliance Building
  • Vendor Information & Programs
  • Annual Conference


  • Don Staniszewski, President
  • Geoff Chasin, Vice President
  • Richard Purnell, Treasurer
  • Joe Llano, Secretary

Executive Director

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